Thursday, August 16, 2012

WS Wealth Managers Ranked #1

Money Manage Review, a national publication, recently ranked WS Wealth Managers Inc. as the top US money manager for “Balanced” investment portfolio strategies (out of 77 managers) based on Performance, Risk and Efficiency over five years  (June 2007-2012) with their WS Classic Defensive FOLIO.  The WS Classic Defensive FOLIO is a part of the WS Managed FOLIO Program, managed by Wayne Strout, with assets held at FOLIOfn Investments Inc.
According to MMR’s rankings:  Performance, the higher,  the more money earned for clients;  Risk is variability, the lower being a more reliable performance over time; and  Efficiency,  a measure of how much Performance the manager has achieved per unit of risk assumed.  Achieving higher relative Performance with a lower relative Risk is considered good.  Every quarter MMR averages these measures to yield a total score used in their ranking process.
A “Balanced” investment portfolio, according to Investopedia  is  A portfolio allocation and management method aimed at balancing risk and return.” suitable for investors with a longer time horizon (generally over five years), that have some risk tolerance.
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